About us

Surasrithi was founded with the motive to provide wellness products that are close to nature. Traditional wisdom and nature are a source of inspiration for us in Surasrithi. Whether it is our herbal cosmetics or spice products we follow the time tested traditional approach to offer our consumers the best alternative.

We have strived for a delicate balance between the modern and the traditional to give you a timeless experience. We believe in “business with a conscience” motto and are associated with a non-profit organization and share part of our profit for the benefit of the society.


Our commitment is to offer products that are natural and safe, environment friendly and helps fulfill our social responsibility.

Holding Hands

We fulfill our CSR commitment by extending our support to self-help organizations which are committed to support the marginalized.

Our Team


Sunder has 22 years of corporate experience. Some years ago he left his corporate job to follow what was close to his heart – service to people. He is an active volunteer of the Art of Living and also certified therapists in Acupuncture, Varma, Marma, Yoga and Meru Chikitsa. He founded the Sri Art of Healing Center which offers natural and traditional therapies to heal people from chronic health issues, including children with special needs.

The natural products that he is introducing through Surasrithi is but an extension of his outlook towards providing natural, chemical free products that aid sustainable living and brings people closer to nature.

Ambica Ramesh

Ambica Ramesh is the Co-founder, Director and the inspiration behind Surasrithi (Formerly known as Sri Sparkle LLP). She is an Engineering graduate and began her career as a Lecturer. Ambica has transformed from being an engineer to an entrepreneur and doing her bit to promote natural living. Her meticulous research, experience and valuable inputs has resulted in the excellent end products.

She is also a yoga and meditation enthusiast and is a firm believer in conscious living. A mother of two nurturing comes naturally to her as she continues to practice and encourage people to experience a different dimension of life, and actively participate in community welfare program.

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