Color Your Hair Naturally: Switch to Herbal Hair Color

Color Your Hair Naturally: Switch to Herbal Hair Color

Dying your hair black over and over may damage them in the long run. Dyes today are filled with harmful chemicals that can make your hair rough and dry. About 85% of women color their hair once every eight weeks. It is no surprise that black is the most common hair color used worldwide. However, if you’re going to color your hair this often, it is recommended that you pick a product that not only provides a rich shade but also nourishes and protects your hair. An herbal hair color product helps check all the boxes. If you’ve been struggling with constant recoloring and dry hair, Surasrithi’s Herbal Hair Color might be the solution you’re looking for.

How to Apply Herbal Hair Color

To begin with, using gloves pour the hair color in a non-metallic container.

  • Dilute with 3 times water or the required quantity of water and mix thoroughly to obtain a honey-like consistency.
  • Apply immediately and uniformly using the brush.
  • Leave the application for 45 minutes or till completely dry
  • Rinse hair with water; Use Shikakai or mild shampoo if required

Shikakai will help deepen the hair color and give you natural black. If you use regular shampoo, it can be harsh on your hair and even affect the quality of the color.

Natural Ingredients

Surasrithi’s Herbal Hair Color is loaded with natural ingredients that are gentle on your hair and nourish them. Ingredients like Henna, Brahmi, Aamla, Tulsi, Bhringraj, Neem, and many more, give your hair a rich and long-lasting natural black color. Additionally, these ingredients have amazing medicinal properties. Neem, for example, is the healthiest herb. It helps fight bacteria, and dandruff and is soothing on the scalp. Surasrithi brings the goodness of herbs to color your hair in a natural way. Treat your hair right and try the Surasrithi Herbal Hair Color today!

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