Have you ever caught yourself drifting through that lane of nostalgia when you pass by a South Indian restaurant and you smell Sambar? Do you remember your mom or grandmother making Sambar and serving the Sambar with a steaming cup of rice or Idli? It’s a crime to not crave for that taste and aroma of the home-made Sambar.

One of my prominent memories of Sambar is when I used to visit my grandmother for summer holidays, my grandmother used to mix a variety of spices, then grind it in the mortar and make the Sambar with that magical blend of spices. She used to say that this powder is the essence of the Sambar. Well, I totally believe her. We all had such childhood memories.

Owing to our limited time to make everything from scratch, it’s close to impossible to make that home-made spice blend. Most of the Sambar powders available in the market have added colours and preservatives, which do not have the same aroma and taste.

There are growing concerns about the quality of the ingredients and the health and safety associated with the preservatives. Artificial preservatives aggravate the aggressive behavioral patterns in the children with special needs. Regular consumption of the preservatives also increases the risk of heart stroke and cancer.

Over the years, we have heard all your concerns and decided that we would handcraft a Sambar powder, without any added colours or preservatives. This Sambar powder is made with spices that are rich in taste, antioxidants and other active ingredients that boost your immunity.

Now get the quality, taste and aroma of the home-made Sambar without going through the pain of making the Sambar powder from scratch. It’s easy-to-use, delicious and healthy.

Is your mouth-watering too? What are you waiting for? Purchase Surasrithi Sambar Powder here and breathe life into those nostalgic feels of home-made Sambar!

By Healer Sunder

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