How to use?

Depending on your hair type and volume, pour some hair powder into a clean bowl and mix with water. Apply the paste directly onto your scalp, roots, and tips and massage and rinse your hair thoroughly.


  • All natural products
  • No artificial chemicals
  • Repairs weak and dull hair
  • Reduces hair loss and thinning
  • Promotes growth

What to expect

A smooth natural smelling powder that gives no lather due to its untainted and chemical free nature. Leaves hair feeling clean and fresh.


  • Acacia concinna (Shikakai) – Historically there has been a lot of evidence that shows shikakai has been used for hair care in the pre-Harrapan civilisation. It is efficient to cleanse the hair, prevent dandruff and keeps the scalp clean.
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Hibiscus Flower) – Hibiscus has been found to contain many valuable amino acids that help repair damaged hair and give your hair smoothness. Hibiscus also helps prevent hair loss, it balances the PH value of the scalp, reduces greasiness, stimulates hair growth, prevents split ends and reduces the greying of hair.
  • Vetiveriazizanioides (Cuscus grass/Vetiver) – Having a high specific gravity and potent anti-microbial properties, the aromatic herb and seeps deep inside the hair follicles, moisturises the scalp, relieves dryness and prevents itching.
  • Rosa (Rose Flower) – Cleanses the scalp by getting rid of extra sebum and dead skin cells. Relieves dandruff. Improves blood circulation to the scalp. Keeps the hair and scalp hydrated. Gives more shine and volume to hair.
  • Avaramsenna (Sennaauriculata) – This indigenous flower has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that helps treat scalp infections and also helps reduce scalp inflammation and promotes hair growth.
  • Sapindus Emaginatus (Soapnut/Reetha) – A versatile Ayurvedic herb reetha is widely grown and used in India for centuries. The dried fruit of this plant in shampoos increases its benefits owing to its potent antiallergic, antibacterial and mildly antiseptic properties cleansing the hair and scalp thoroughly.

Q & A

  1. Why is there no lather produced when I am using this powder?
    Surasrithi hair powder does not use and chemicals, SLS, or paraben which is why there is no lather that is created yet it cleanses and deeply nourishes the scalp.
  2. How often can I use it
    You can use it as often as you use regular shampoos.
  3. Can this shampoo be used on coloured hair?
    Yes this hair powder can be used & very effective.

2 reviews for Herbal Hair Wash Powder

  1. Harish – USA

    Noticed a fresh & smooth hair. Love the results!

  2. Joseph – Singapore

    Best mild hair product I have used so far… very effective for my scalp itching and dandruff

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